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Web design for Wigan, by Diva web design

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Diva Web design of Wigan offer a complete design service with friendly helpful advice based on your requirements and full consideration of search engine criteria.
Our web design ethic is based on the premise that a good, professional web site should be focused and stylish with a clear message, effective whilst affordable and avoiding over indulgence in clever effects and technical wizardry.


Good web design gives your site credibility. It shows that you value your visitors enough to invest in its development. You won't earn their trust unless they feel that your site is a serious undertaking with a long-term future. A professional-looking site may be your only chance to make a good impression.


Your web site needs to be fast to be effective. The Web is frustratingly slow at times, so our sites are designed for maximum effect with minimum waiting. If your site doesn't appear on screen fast enough, your competitors are just a click away. Our sites are well organised and easily navigated. Good design establishes an environment which is logical and does not confuse the visitor.


The simplest enquiry form helps to make your web site interactive. If nothing else, people expect to be able to contact you through your site.

Safeway Corporate Gift Vouchers: Web design by Diva Web Design
The Safeway Corporate Gift Vouchers site (above) was produced with a powerful database system to provide an online ordering system. The design was based on the Safeway site but with distinctive 'vouchers' imagery.
Diva produced this colourful web site for Wigan Careers Service (below), which providesa vast amount of information for young people at various stages of their school and college careers.
Wigan Careers Service: Web design by Diva Web Design